tintinabulumCome and meet us

Tintinabulum is built on four basic foundations:
values, music, English and psychomotor skills

This is our tenth year. A decade filled with smiles, happy children and hundreds of families who now form part of this school. We opened in 2004 with the aim of having the complete trust of parents while we look after and educate their children. Every member of staff, both carers and professionals, shows affection and dedication to each and every child.

Helping children to grow through play

We have developed our own educational method which aims at helping children to grow through play.

Our philosophy is based on the intrinsic excitement of infancy, of wanting to know it all, playing, learning, discovering… a special place where:

  • The pedagogical nucleus is the child and the world which surrounds him/her.
  • The children are respected as individuals, their aptitudes are awakened, their skills are strengthened.
  • They are educated to be freethinking but embracing responsibilities and rules of coexistence.
  • Solidarity, commitment and respect are encouraged.
  • Children are taught not to discriminate nationality, sex, race or religion.
  • Work is a factor of personal value and sociability, never rivalry.

happiness isn’t found, it is built day by day.

Did you know we were given the prize as the best worklife balance firm in Boadilla del Monte?

We believe that achieving a worklife balance keeps our workforce happy, which is then reflected in the way they do their jobs. If we value and understand the life of our educational staff both within and outside the workplace, why would we not do the same for you, the parents, who hve kept us going over the years? Out of all the schools and kindergartens in Boadilla, tintinabulum feels the most special.

Our staff

The people who make tintinabulum possible on a daily basis are not only qualified professionals but also team players. Experts in early education, English, Psychomotor skills and Music, young at heart and dynamic, who aim to educate and develop the children through fun.

To join together as a team is the beginning. To continue as a team is progress. To work together as a team is to guarantee success.
—Henry Ford

Come and meet us so we may explain how we look after and work with the children.